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• 4/19/2013

Song Spoilers For "Tribute"

There's been a change of plans. Devonne will not sing an original song, she will now sing "Ignorance" by Paramore. But rest assured, there will be an original song on the horizon, i know this because i wrote it lastnight.
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• 4/14/2013

Song Spoilers For "Beware Of The Dog, He Bites And Barks!

Maneater/ Red Dress by Nelly Furtado/ Sugababes. Sung by Devonne, Marc, Beth, Jessica and Kitty.
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• 3/12/2013

Hiatuses: Confirms And Returns.

As some of you may know, the fan-fic was originally going on hiatus this month and returning in early April. However, i have had a change of plans and i've decided, to prolong the hiatus so it'll return in early June. It'll return with brand new episodes and the tracklist for Glee: The Music, The Soul Scrapers (Yet to change it) Vol. 2.
Also: There will be a small break in September because i'll be attending College. Sure, it's only three days a week but i want to commit (but writing and new eps will still happen) There will also be a little break in December due to me going on holiday and it being - Christmas and all. But a Christmas episode isn't out of the question.
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