Colton Ersando

Full Name

Colton Bryn Ersando



Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Sandy Blonde





Colton Ersando is set to be a recurring character on Glee: The Soul Scrapers.

He is portrayed by Lachlan Buchanuan and was created by wiki user, QFabrayGleek4eva.


Standing at 6’2, he’s tall with broad shoulders, a charming smile and an athletic build. He can knock any girl (and guy) dead with just a flash of his famous grin. He has sandy blonde hair that many have described as a mop, and he needs to clean (which he does mind you). He has green eyes, which are very expressive, and many can tell what he’s feeling.

He comes off a very collected person at first sight, due to the way he acts and handles things. In relations to his style, you’ll never find him in anything too fancy or out there unless he’s out on stage. He opts more for a casual appearance, slipping on some trousers, wearing a hoodie over top a V-neck along with some sneaker. He also has both ears pierced.


Colton is both laid-back and determined at the exact same time. He is the risk-taker, decision maker and peacekeeper. But he only shows certain sides at certain times. When he's around his friends, he's loyal, laid-back, and funny and will always be there for them through thick and thin. He’s a naturally kind person, and hates seeing people down or upset. He’s also the peacekeeper in his group of friends, and will always break up fights and resolve the issue.

When it comes to glee club though, he’s very determined, and likes everything perfect when it comes to performance. This doesn’t mean he’s competitive or ruthless when it comes to winning by any means, but it does represent that he likes to put his best into everything he does, and doesn’t care if they lose (though he would be disappointed), as long as they put in their best effort. Many of those in the group think he’s a jerk because of this, but he’s just trying to let them get to their best.

He’s also a risk-taker, and will make edgy decisions when in competition. He likes to change things up every time, not wanting to do the same old boring things over and over again.

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