lone Valentine

Full Name

lone Claire Valentine



Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Dark Brown





First Appearance

The L-O-V-E Ballerina

lone Valentine is a recurring character on Glee: The Soul Scrapers.

She is portrayed by Jena Malone, and was created by wiki user, UndercoverGleek1. She was introduced in The L-O-V-E Ballerina, the fourth episode of Season One.


lone has shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin and a slender figure. She stands at around 5'8 with a small nose and lips, narrow eyes. She's in a wheelchair and is usually found wearing tank tops with poofy skirts, high tops, and diamond earrings.


lone is shy, quiet, and secretive. She can a bit of a bitch at times, especially when boys in her class call girl, sluts or whores, but other than that she keeps to herself. She isn't one to speak up in class (or anywhere for that matter), but isn't the most outgoing person. She hides from physical confrontation a lot, but will stick up for a girl who's being bullied by a boy.

Her heart is always in the right place, and no matter what, even if the girl is popular, she'll stick up for them. Her witchy side also comes out when people bully her for being quiet and a cripple, something she doesn't appreciate. She is loving to those she is the closest with and carting to those who are treated poorly. She isn't perfect, that's for sure, having kept her home life private since she arrived and hoping to keep it that way.


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