Marc St. Pierre
Leo Charles Cottier

Full Name

Marc Leo St. Pierre



Eye Colour

Dark Brown

Hair Colour

Dark Brown





First Appearance

The L-O-V-E Ballerina

Marc St. Pierre is a main character on Glee: The Soul Scrapers.

He is portrayed by Charles Cottier and was created by wiki user, Rob.bah.bah.


Marc is an average sized white guy, stands at 6' and is ending puberty. He is scruddy because he hates to shave. He was dark brown eyes matched with dark brown hair which is usually in a side part comb-over. He wears contacts, but loves to perform in his sleek, stylish glasses. He's often found wearing plain shorts and t-shirts, but on cold days tends to wear dark washed jeans. He wears a somewhat wide, silver thumb ring. His footwear tends to be either flip-flops or tennis shoes.


Marc is a quiet person, intellectual, and with much common sense. He almost never speaks up when he knows what is best because of what people might say. This is generally from being always put down by other students who always think they know best. When chatty, he is always complimentive of his fellow glee members and can make the occasional corny joke, his favourite being about bands. He enjoys glee club because he cares about music, and it's what he is good at. He doesn't care for all the drama, but is always somehow sucked into it. He also enjoys Opera.



Season One


Season One

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season 1



Solos with

Earth Song We Are Shining Aurora, Beth, Walker, Kitty, Devonne, Mary Lou,
Dana, Jessica, Spencer and Courtney
Cease Fire We Will Stand Tall for the
People Like Us, Part Two
Parrish and Walker
People Like Us/Change Your Life Aurora, Dana, Beth, Jessica, Mary Lou,
Parrish, Devonne and Kitty