Star Dominion


Paint The Sky With Stars, Part One


Glee Club


Bella West (Co-Director)
Elliot Morgan (Co-Director)


Rosa High


Rose Haven, Portland, Oregon





Star Dominion are the Glee Club of Rosa High. It was given the name of "Star Dominion" after co-directors Bella West and Elliot Morgan. They were formally known as "The Portland Scale Blazers" but was renamed, being considered the name of losers who'd lost Nationals the year prior, and a new name was a clean slate.

The previous director was known as Mr. Lanter and he left the position and Rosa High due to personal reasons, yet unknown. It was under his direction that "The Portland Scale Blazers" won Sectionals and Regionals from 2010-2012 and then won Nationals in 2011, only to sadly lose in the Chicago 2012 competition by placing 3rd with their performance of "Starlight Express" which they did whilst in rollerblades.



Audition SongsEdit

To Save The ClubEdit

In Glee ClubEdit

As An AssignmentEdit

To Recruit New Members:Edit

  • Respectable by Mel and Kim. Sung by Aurora and Beth.
  • Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Sung by Aurora and Beth.
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancin'/ Remedy by The Scissor Sisters/ Little Boots. Sung by Kitty, Jessica and Mary Lou.

Dramatic PerformancesEdit

Auditions For The Invitationals FeatureEdit

Setlist For Showcases And CompetitonsEdit

Invitationals, 2012Edit

Current MembersEdit

(Arranged in the chronological order of joining)

No. Name~ Status Solos* Position
1 Aurora Everly Active 8 Member
2 Beth Everly Active 7 Member
3 Walker Parker Active 5 Member
4 Kitty Cole Active 5 Member
5 Devonne Stern Active 3 Member
6 Melinda Hagan Active 1 Member
7 Parrish Lockhart Active 4 Member
8 Jessica Freedman Active 3 Member
9 Dana Arson Active 2 Member
10 Mary Lou Active 3 Member
11 Marc St. Pierre ​Active 1 Member
12 Courtney Wintour ​Active 2 Member
13 Spencer Carlisle ​Active 2 Member


Season 1 TableEdit

  Season 1
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13.5
Aurora Everly Joined Active
Beth Everly Joined Active
Walker Parker   Joined/Quits Rejoined Active
Kitty Cole   Joined Active
Devonne Stern Joined Active
Melinda Hagan Joined Active Inactive
Parrish Lockhart Joined Active
Jessica Freedman Joined Active
Dana Arson Joined Active
Mary Lou Joined Active
Marc St. Pierre Joined Active
Courtney Wintour Joined Quits
Spencer Carlisle Joined Quits

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