The Choir Room
Place: Rosa High
The Choir Room, also known as The Music Room, is the classroom at Rosa High where Star Dominion have rehearsal every day after school. All their meetings take place there, but some are in the Auditorium. Many musical numbers have also been performed in the Choir Room. It was originally a storage room in which Devonne Stern graffitied before being transformed into the Choir Room.

Season OneEdit

Season OneEdit

Season One
Song Episode Sung by
If You See Him/If You See Her (Partially) I Wish I Could Be Strong Walker Parker and Beth Everly
Freak Flag Star DominionBeth Everly
Stay We Are Shining Spencer Carlisle and Beth Everly
Stronger/Fighter Devonne Stern and Dana Arson
Skyfall (Partially) We Will Stand Tall For The People Liks Us, Part Two Mary Lou with Devonne Stern and Kitty Cole
Good For You/Beside You Marc St. Pierre and Walker Parker
Sunlight Devonne Stern and Dana Arson
This Is Who I Am Devonne Stern
Higher Dana Arson, Kitty Cole, Aurora Everly, Beth Everly, Jessica Freedman and Mary Lou

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