The list of the admins are here as followed.

Adminstrators :

Jack- gleelover






  • Admins must make at least 10 edits a month otherwise their rights removal will be considered but don't be that scared, i'm not that type but if you do nothing with your position, what's the point of you being an admin? Being an Admin is a responsibility, not a right.
  • Admins must obey the rules as much as the normal users.

Wikia RulesEdit

  • Racism and sexism will not be tolerated on the wiki. If any type of racism/ sexism is written and seen on this wiki, you will be giving a warning and if you continue to break this rule, you will be banned for a month.
  • Arguing and not showing respect to Admins isn't a good thing but i hope Admins can respect also normal users edits and not argue with them because their in a higher position.
  • Trolling will not be accepted. "Trolling" is when a user visits a page and adds information non-related to that page , or adds offensive unessescarry information to pages. The ban for Trolls might be a tricky one as it depends on how deep and hurtful the comment was but i would say, Two months. Even what you put isn't as severe as others, it's still wrong so you have to suffer the same punishment: Ban.
  • Spamming is not accepted on this wiki. Spamming is when you comment more than once with the exact same detail. On this wiki, if you spam, you will be banned for a day. Multiple comments are alright if they aren't a repeat of your previous comment.
  • Plagirism is a big no-no. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work without acknowledging their involvement, their work or providing a source. If you are caught copying someone else's work, you will be banned for seven months as people fail to understand the seriousness of the issue.
  • Profanity isn't allowed. Profanity ( swearing), only profanity allowed on this wiki is that written in the fan-fic ( which i will probably censor anyway) If you censor the swearing, that's alright but it isn't that hard to subsitute a better word than a cursing word.


  • Information cannot be removed, unless it's spam, vandialism, or incorrect info.
  • Do not add vadaliasm to pages or spam to pages ( wikia rules)
  • Do not edit a page if you don't undestand what you're editing.
  • Be specific when editng with the details. Obviously, the episodes aren't even out yet so information is limited as i'm keeping a tight lip but when they do come out, information is power.