Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date TBA
Written by Jack- gleelover
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Beware Of The Dog, He Bites And Barks!
Dance Week

Tribute is the upcoming eighth episode of Glee: Paint the Sky.


  • The main characters of this episode are: Devonne, Aurora, Jessica, Mary Lou, Lone, Freya, Colton and Nicola.
  • There will be some great scenes between Aurora and Devonne.
  • Alex Newell will make a guest appearence as Wade "Unique" Adams
  • Amber Riley will also appear as Mercedes Jones, her character from Glee.

The episode "Tribute has been swapped around with "Dance Week".


Song Title Original Artist/s Performers
Ignorance Paramore Aurora Everly
TBA TBA Colton Ersando, Nicola Chambers, Freya Dyson,
Lone Valentine, Jessica Freedman and Mary Lou

Song NotesEdit

  • There will be 1 duet, 5 solos and 3 group numbers in the episode.
  • The singers for the episode are: Devonne, Beth, Aurora, Kitty, Jessica, Mary Lou, Lone, Freya  and new characters, Colton and Nicola.

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