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    Season 3?

    November 4, 2012 by Jack- gleelover

    Hey gleeks and my beloved fic readers. So i know we're barley into Season 1 yet but i've been doing some thinking.

    So you know how S2 will be the second term of S1 ( So basically it's like the Hell-O to Journey) in my fic. Btw, if you didn't know Season 1 know will only be 13 episodes and same with S2

    So getting to the point, a possible Season 3.

    What options would you want?

    • Follow the junior year of most of the characters?
    • Do a time skip and it be the senior year?
    • OR, Introduce a completely new setting with new characters?

    So what your choice in the comments :)

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  • Jack- gleelover

    Hello gleeks and fic readers. This is the place where you can ask any question about the fan-fiction, upcoming episodes and you’ll get an answer. Course, not everything can be answered so straight because that could lead to too big spoilers. Fire your questions off in the comments, and I’ll reply here.

    Possible questions

    • Previous episodes
    • Upcoming episodes
    • Future seasons
    • Songs
    • What songs I’d like to do… anything really.

    P.S. Everyone who knows me knows i have a tendancy to not punctuate properly when it's nothing but actual writing. Sorry :)

    In reply to Jgal12 Will CJ get a storyline this season?

    CJ will definitely get a storyline this season. He will be quite present in the next episode; he has quite a wide storyline around Sectionals time. He’ll h…

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  • Jack- gleelover

    Hey Gleeks. This blog is for you to choose and suggest storylines for an episode. You don't know what number this episode will be or when in the storylines, it's set and what arc, it is. So in the comments section, suggest storylines and song ideas, who can sing them. You can either have quite sad ideas, funny ideas or try inventive ideas.

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  • Jack- gleelover

    Hey guys. So i'd just like to thank all you, my readers and fans. Thank you for the support and positvity you've given in both, the anticipation and response to the fan-fiction.

    Basically - this blog is about me wanting characters to be auditioned and the characters i'm looking for are female ones to play a specific part, a big role in it's first series, one storyline i'm really excited about.

    I've got some specifics i want. So the characters all have to be girls. Plus, i don't want their names to be very common. Plus, some of the submissions are likely to be a recurring characters or they could be bumped up to regular depending on how my prepared storyline escalates. Also, i want the characters to be quite b*tchy and most of them will be hanging w…

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