Hey guys. So i'd just like to thank all you, my readers and fans. Thank you for the support and positvity you've given in both, the anticipation and response to the fan-fiction.

Basically - this blog is about me wanting characters to be auditioned and the characters i'm looking for are female ones to play a specific part, a big role in it's first series, one storyline i'm really excited about.

I've got some specifics i want. So the characters all have to be girls. Plus, i don't want their names to be very common. Plus, some of the submissions are likely to be a recurring characters or they could be bumped up to regular depending on how my prepared storyline escalates. Also, i want the characters to be quite b*tchy and most of them will be hanging with the popular crowd ( Spencer ) Please, BE CREATIVE.

  • I want a girl who's the athletic kind, she likes therapeutic kind of things.
  • A character that takes drugs and drinks too much alcohol.

So here it is Gleeks, audition your character here following these guidlines. Say if someone auditions for the animal lover, another can't and has to choose another. I want the characters you audition to be exclusive only to my fan-fiction and to not star in any other fan-fics. Give me as much information as possible, if you give me applications with one- word answes, it's very likely it will not even be considered.


Just a reminder, don't audition a character that belongs in one or more fan-fictions. Audition a brand new character that is only allowed to be used here.







Looks/ Appearence



Back- Story/ History

Character they bear resemblance from Glee? ( Personality- Wise)

Kind of people they'd be friends with

Voice Type

Favourite types of music

Least favourite types of music

Songs to sing


2 Random Quote ( To get to know the character better)



Favourite Subject

Likes and Dislikes



Possible future storylines

Do you mind if your character dates?

What kind of person would you want your character to date?


Reason for wanting to become a singer / Join a Glee club/ Reason for them being how they are


Some things said in your application may be subject to change due to the roles i want your character to play.

Thanks. I can't wait to see the submissions. :)


  • Matilda Wren Hollin Jr. ( The girl who comes the family of hookers) - UndercoverGleek1
  • Ione Claire Valentine. ( The girl with the abusive history) - UndercoverGleek1
  • Freya Angelica Dawn Dyson. ( The Pyromanic) - QFabrayGleek4eva.
  • Roselyn Desiree Chance. ( The Animal Lover) - KCisaGleek98
  • Melanie Shea Rowley. ( The alcoholic druggie) - KCisaGleek98

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